BLOG POST#2 Don’t fur-get-about-it!

This Akira faux fur coat is LIFE! It is purple, dramatic and I love it. 😍     Have you ever tried something on because you think it is utterly crazy and end up liking it?

MEEEEE TOOOO! All the time. That is how this wonderful coat and white cowboy boots from Akira Chicago ended up moving into my closet. I hope for a long time! 🙏 

“Do I look like Barney?”
(Not an affiliate link! I make no commission if you clink.)
(Not an affiliate link! I make no commission if you clink.) 

The first 6 thoughts in my head: 

  1. “Puh-lease girl where are you going to wear this?” 
  2.  “Is this toooo over the top?”
  3. “Is that woman over there judging me?” 
  4. “Should I wait for it to go on sale?” 
  5. “Do I look like a Barney?” 
  6. “How many times will I wear this?” 

I took it off and put in on about 5x’s and I noticed every time I put it on I smiled.

 “WHO doesn’t like to smile?” 

 By the time I made the decision the rampant questions in my head ceased. I loved the cheesy smile I had.  WHO doesn’t like to smile? 

I mean ok! Smiling is not everyones thing. It is my thing. 😃 

“Fashion is about suspense and surprise and fantasy. It’s not about rules.” –Wolfgang Joop

Sometimes you just have to buy it and not be too concerned about other people or the voice inside your head.  Clothing is meant to spark joy, laughter, help strike up a conversation, show your personality, creativity and more.
(Not an affiliate link! I make no commission if you clink.) 

I challenge you to wear something in your closet this week that makes you a bit 😱 . (Comment below what the item was and how you felt.) Channel your inner five-year old when you get you don’t know what to wear. He or she will give you a nod of approval and tell you that the sparkly socks, fun blazer, velvet blue pants, fun flat are A-OK 👌 to wear! 

6 thoughts on “BLOG POST#2 Don’t fur-get-about-it!

  1. I’m definitely not someone who usually goes out and buys stuff that really stand out, mostly because I don’t like extra attention but I’ve started to really like some coats and stuff that are very eye catching. May have to go against my usual and try this out

  2. Yassss!!!! To the coat and color. I think it looks great on you. I totally agree with you too, when you try something on and you instantly smile…buy it (as long its makes sense 🙂

  3. Yasssss to the coat and color! I think it looks great on you! I defintely live by your rule. I recently wanted a new peacoat and try on several….loved 2 for different reasons, but they both made me feel great.

  4. The big coats are a go, and the colors are bonus I love how you match the colors with your outfit. Everything flows so well excited to see you go further in fashion!

  5. Something thoughtful would be the next time you see an elderly person at a grocery store help them load their groceries into their vehicle.

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