I know you read the headline and immediately felt a bit overwhelmed. 

If you want to navigate the massive amounts of clothing racks in Forever 21 stores and the 100+ pages of items on their website ➡️  you need a P-L-A-N. 

It’s clear that Forever 21 knows how to maximize space-➡️ they put items on top of tables, under tables, on racks, in bins and so on.

If you have a plan, you can avoid spending hours in store and online shopping! 

NOTE:  I do realize that fast fashion retailers are contributing to the rising issue of environmental waste! When I shop, I do my best to not buy fast fashion if I can help it. I do think it is super duper important that we all do our part to protect the earth. The reality is many of us can’t afford to buy cashmere, silk and other premiums materials often. 

I have Forever 21 items in my closet that have lasted me years and others not so long. When you know how to shop at Forever 21 you can keep items in your closet longer.  That is why I’ve decided to share my tips so that you can find and keep Forever 21 pieces a bit longer. 

Tip 1 (online / in-store): Ask yourself-> “What am I shopping for?” (A skirt for a weekend brunch, a holiday sweater, shorts for the beach or so on.) 

Tip 2 (online / in-store): Write down the item you are looking for and take note of any special considerations. (Does it need to be a certain color? Does it need to be dressy? Does it need to be casual?)  

Tip 3 (online / in-store): Make a folder on your phone with inspiration photos! If you have no idea what you are looking for, see what your favorite celebrities are wearing or search the #style tag on Instagram. If you have some inspiration pictures when you walk in / shop online you can narrow your search. If your inspiration photos include lots of shimmer or animal print you’d want to look for shimmer or animal print in store. When shopping online you’d type in search bar shimmer or animal print. 


Tip 4 (in-store): If you can shop when they first open during the week! I promise it will be clean and there are usually very few people who shop early during the weekday!

Tip 5 (in-store): BYOM! Bring your own music. The music they play in store can be annoying as heck ➡️ so I make a shopping playlist and listen to it while shopping. 

Tip 6: (in-store): If you are afraid of spending way toooo much 💴 . Give yourself an allowance! Decide before you go how much you want to bring and don’t bring your card! 

Tip 7 (in-store): Ask for a tour of the store! Find any employee and ask them to explain the sections of the store. Examples of sections include: athletic section, kids and contemporary.

Tip 8 (online) : Touch the items does it feel cheap or luxurious? I always try items that feel nice to the touch

Tip 9 ( in-store): Can you wear the item 3-5 different ways? Imagine how you’d wear it with items in your closet! 

Tip 10 (online / in-store): Check the fabric tag! I look for cotton and polyester. I especially like polyester because it maintains shape. 

Tip 11 (online / in-store): If you struggle with step 10. Check the price tag. The “nicer” clothing items will usually cost more than $20 dollars. I find myself buying items 24.90 +!

Tip 12 (online / in-store): If you are over 18 you should ALWAYS check the premium/contemporary section for the higher quality materials, mature styles and adult sizing. 

Tip 13 (online / in-store): Know that this store is mostly for teens so items like dresses are short in most sections. So don’t be afraid to size up 1-2 sizes to get the extra length. 

Tip 14 (online / in-store): When you find an item grab two different sizes if you are unsure. It can be a challenge to get an associate to go grab another size especially if it is busy.  It is easier to bring two sizes with you.  Same goes for online order two different sizes. Remember->you can easily return online items in-store as long as it is not an online only item!

Tip 15 (online / in-store): If you like something and the material is decent don’t be afraid to alter it. I have purchased items in premium section that I get tailored for a better fit. 

Tip 16 (online / in-store): Don’t take the shopping bag they offer! You will fill up the basket and your wallet will drain. 😢  Only try on what you can bear to carry. 

Tip 17 (online / in-store):  If you are not sure if you like an item or the lighting in fitting room is poor ➡️  buy the item and try it on at home. (If you don’t like it you can return items for your MONEY back! I ❤️ that they made this change.  Please be sure you have receipt and the tags are still attached to the item. NOTE: Undergarments, swimsuits and jewelry can’t be returned!) 

Tip 18 (online / in-store): Check the seams to see if they bubble when you put the item on. You want seams on sweaters, skirts, dresses and so on to be flat when you have them on.

Tip 19 (online / in-store): Check the armpits and other areas for holes, rips, or loose threads before you take the tags off. 

Tip 20 (online / in-store): Hand 🖐 wash and lay items flat to dry. You can also put items in the washer and lay flat to dry. (You can stretch the life of the garment this way!)

Tip 21 (online / in-store): Sign-up for Forever 21 emails to receive online discount codes and in-store promotion info! Save that 💵 honey!!! 


ORANGE SKIRT from Yaa on Vimeo.


“I apologize for the random blurry parts in the video above!”

5 thoughts on “BLOG POST #5 FOREVER 21 HAUL + 21 TIPS

  1. I love going into forever 21 right when they open either at 10 or 11. There’s alway parking if I’m one of the first ones there and so much easier than having to park a few blocks away.

  2. I agree about having a plan and knowing what you’re going in there for. Otherwise you do end up spending so much time there.

  3. Yes, I agree I always need a plan in F21, H&M and even stores like Home Goods. Lately I’m into home furniture, blankets and kitchen gadets. Sometimes when I’m in the clothing stores I just buy because it is inexpensive, but now I realize I need to buy for a purpose to actually wear.

  4. this was very helpful I guess this why I always say I don’t know how to shop or I hate shopping. I never have a plan of what i actually want or want to see myself in.

  5. Something thoughtful would be surprising a friend with a gift card for something they’ve wanted to do, like a yoga or dance class

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