BLOG POST #11 Cosmopolitan Reported |24| 70s Fashion Trends For Spring 2019 and I Tried |7| of Them

I’ve been reading Cosmopolitan for as long as I have been flying, 17 years!

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It has been a source of style inspiration for me just as long. Even though I couldn’t afford the brands when I was thirteen, let alone pronounce them, I still read any issue I could find. As a young girl I didn’t mind one iota if I wasted a few hours and gaining a few paper cuts flipping through the glossy pages to look at the fantastic avant-garde content. I always keep plenty of band-aids handy.

The irony of this post, is that spring fashion is my least favorite fashion season. I never find myself falling deeply in love with any of the Spring looks, so this year I made a promise to challenge myself to dress sharp for Spring. The first step entailed me doing some research.

Since the modern age is here and kicking, I jumped onto Cosmopolitan's website. Which means no more paper cuts. 😁 

I’ve mentioned before that I like looking up images for style inspiration when getting dressed or going shopping, so I looked for articles that discussed the trends and showed trends for Spring 2019. I found this article…..

Here is the thing guys and gals. The website very much like the magazine makes the trends look dramatic and a typical consumer may not be super convinced to try the trends. What I’ve learned over the years is to really take a look at the images and take away the elements that I like. You don’t have to write off an entire trend because you don’t like the way it is styled. So in this blog post I’m going to show you my take on 7 out of the 24 trends listed in this Cosmopolitan article. Ready…Set…Ok! Let’s dive in!

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8 thoughts on “BLOG POST #11 Cosmopolitan Reported |24| 70s Fashion Trends For Spring 2019 and I Tried |7| of Them

  1. My favorite thing to wear at the moment are gym clothes! You can do your workout and then run errands while still being cute

  2. My favorite thing to wear at the moment are turtlenecks! They can be dressed up or down! Also, adding accessibility such as pins and scarves to my turtleneck give them extra personality!! My fav!! Not to forget they are very warm!!

  3. I am loving athleisure wear, as a student I am always looking to be comfortable. I am also loving wearing the color red!

  4. I am loving Maddie M Ladies leggings. They are thick comfortable and quality material. I used to wear Express leggings, but think Maddie M is a serious upgrade.

  5. I can’t believe they’re back but I’m really happy about the bell bottoms. I wore them all the time when I was little and it is now acceptable to wear again!

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