BLOG POST #14 These Are A Few of My Favorite Things + MAJOR Giveaway!

🎶 Cue in Julie Andrews🎶

I’m excited to share 3 items I use almost daily!

It is important that you know I’m the type of person who uses products completely and buys them again to be sure I truly love it.


#1 My favorite fragrance: Tom Ford Black Orchid  
#2 My favorite candle : Firewood by Henri Bendel 
#3 My favorite Body Creme: Nzuri Body Essentials Body Soufflé's  
#4 My ideal first date: Just kidding!

This is beginning to look like I’m filling out a Myspace or dating app profile. 😂

#1 Tom Ford Black Orchid Fragrance  

This fragrance makes you smell like a rich B%^&h.

It also makes others make the face above when they catch a whiff of you.

I love wearing this fragrance when I’m headed to an evening event or going out for a fun night out on the town.
The image above is a clickable affiliate link.

#2 Henri Bendel (R.I.P) Firewood Candle 

This candle makes you want to pitch a tent, fly fish and roast some marshmallows all at the same time.

Camping reality!
Lighting a candle elevates your bubble bath experience. (Trust me!)

The image above is a clickable affiliate link.
If you want this candle, you have to buy on Amazon.
Henri Bendel is sadly closing all stores!

#3 Nzuri Body Essentials Soufflés

This soufflé will have your skin softer than a pair of Ugg slippers. You will smell so good, that people will ask you all day long what you are wearing.

I use this after my morning bath.
I don’t even need to wear a fragrance in the morning, it smells that good. (Not a affiliate link!)

The face I make when some ask to use some of my Nzuri body soufflé.
(Inside I’m screaming,”Mine!”)


Contest Runs – 2/5/2019 -2/10/2019

You + a friend can win all the products I listed and a $50 gift card to your favorite beauty/glam/lifestyle store.

  1. BLOG – Comment below 1 beauty or lifestyle item you love and use almost daily.
  2. IG- Tag 1 friend who you like to trade beauty/glam/lifestyle tips with. (Insider tip: Have your friend complete the same steps to increase your chances!)*
  3. IG- Comment 1 place you like to buy beauty/glam/lifestyle products. *

(Insider tip: Have your friend complete the same steps to increase your chances!)

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13 thoughts on “BLOG POST #14 These Are A Few of My Favorite Things + MAJOR Giveaway!

  1. I loe the tom ford black orchid as well! It has such a strong yet beautiful smell and it stays on for a while. A beauty product I can’t live without is mascara, in specific, the better than sex waterproof mascara!

  2. That body butter sounds BOMB. I use a natural oils mix on my hair almost daily! It’s a homemade mix of argan oil and coconut oil that smells like oranges 😍. My hair is fine so I have to be careful of what products I use in my hair so that it doesn’t get weighed down. Sometimes homemade is best!

  3. One beauty ritual I have is washing my face with dove soap. I love the Victoria secret’s Heavenly scent… love love it💕 I wear it every time I go out!🤗

  4. I’m all about candles and muskier not super florally scents so this sounds amazing! I may try to find it on amazon or somewhere to try it out. As to something that I need to have or love to have, I have to say I love doing a coconut oil mask on my hair now as well as the Glossier perfume. I’m super simple 🙂

  5. The beauty product I love using my Aztec Secret Indian healing clay with turmeric mixed with ACV for my face !

  6. My go to everyday is a body lotion from bath and body works! The scent stays on for a while so always my favorite

  7. I like to use bath&body works cucumber face mask! I love how my skin feels afterwards! I follow up with coconut oil to moisturize!

  8. I currently love using Bath & Body Works Sea Cotton Island moisturizing soap. It keeps my skin moisturized all day especially during the winter months and it is a great scent.

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