Usually when one thinks about Michael Kors one thinks about logo heavy totes or the higher end pieces that celebs werqqq on the red carpet. Well I’m here with a big cup of coffee to wake you up to the awesomeness that is Michael Kors Lifestyle clothing. YASSSS clothing! The price points and style are ON POINT. 

“Insider tip: Not all lifestyle stores are created equal. If you go to the more high-end malls that have a Michael Kors lifestyle store you will see amazing offerings! “

 Just when I thought the Dad shoe trend was about the fall off and die. Michael Kors came through with CPR/AED to revive my interests. They are super comfortable! 
OBSESSSSSEEEDDD #sorrynotsorry that my inner teeny bopper is coming through! 
Chunky Trainer:
Flat Trainer:

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Talk about living that coordination life! This bag is great by itself and so are the shoes. BUT TOGETHER?!! Yes, together 💯 % AMAZING. If you aren’t about the coordinated life, it’s totally okay! What I appreciate is that you can easily wear these items solo with either burgundy, pink, cream, grey or taupe. 



I didn’t end up buying them because they didn’t have my shoe size in this colorway. I did end up getting the black ones!

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++PLUS++ I found something that made me admit that I got a furrrreal problem with buying faux fur. I tripped over my tongue and my heart was racing when I tried on this beautiful red faux fur jacket.  I had to get it! 

Other voice in my head-> “Girl the whole dang store is 25% OFF!” 

One voice in my head -> “Girl! You need to stop buying!” 

Well we know which voice won out. 

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I would have never purchased this red coat full priced.                

Especially since the jacket is: 

  1. Cropped!
  2. Bright Red!
  3. I would wear 1-2x a month during winter!
  4. Cost per wear would be toooo high for me.  

 I mentioned in a previous post that when I’m deciding if I will buy an item I like to think of how many ways I can wear the garment. That helps me understand if I will get a good price per wear. So if I buy a coat for $100 bucks and wear it ten times the price per wear is $10. If I wear it one time, I wouldn’t feel good at all. ❤️ 

“Maybe I’m so obsessed with Michael Kors because we share the same birthday month?”  #leo



BLOG POST#2 Don’t fur-get-about-it!

This Akira faux fur coat is LIFE! It is purple, dramatic and I love it. 😍     Have you ever tried something on because you think it is utterly crazy and end up liking it?

MEEEEE TOOOO! All the time. That is how this wonderful coat and white cowboy boots from Akira Chicago ended up moving into my closet. I hope for a long time! 🙏 

“Do I look like Barney?”
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(Not an affiliate link! I make no commission if you clink.) 

The first 6 thoughts in my head: 

  1. “Puh-lease girl where are you going to wear this?” 
  2.  “Is this toooo over the top?”
  3. “Is that woman over there judging me?” 
  4. “Should I wait for it to go on sale?” 
  5. “Do I look like a Barney?” 
  6. “How many times will I wear this?” 

I took it off and put in on about 5x’s and I noticed every time I put it on I smiled.

 “WHO doesn’t like to smile?” 

 By the time I made the decision the rampant questions in my head ceased. I loved the cheesy smile I had.  WHO doesn’t like to smile? 

I mean ok! Smiling is not everyones thing. It is my thing. 😃 

“Fashion is about suspense and surprise and fantasy. It’s not about rules.” –Wolfgang Joop

Sometimes you just have to buy it and not be too concerned about other people or the voice inside your head.  Clothing is meant to spark joy, laughter, help strike up a conversation, show your personality, creativity and more.
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I challenge you to wear something in your closet this week that makes you a bit 😱 . (Comment below what the item was and how you felt.) Channel your inner five-year old when you get you don’t know what to wear. He or she will give you a nod of approval and tell you that the sparkly socks, fun blazer, velvet blue pants, fun flat are A-OK 👌 to wear!