“Umm girl, the month is almost over.”

Yes, it is 1/22/2019! YES, I’m finally publishing my resolutions. I didn’t stress myself out about releasing my resolutions the first day of the year or even the first week of this year.


I know you have heard some version of this before, “There is never a perfect or ideal time to start, so with that in mind just start now.”

Which is why I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to start on January 1st. You don’t even need to wait for XYZ to finish before you start.

“On 1 January no check, no pause, no planetary escapement in the celestial clockwork will take place as our planet spins relentlessly around its sun. Its only importance is for the human mind.”

Chris McManus

Let’s face it guys + gals every year we get endless opportunities to restart, because every NEW YEAR is filled with mountains of excuses, bridges of doubt, rivers or fear and much more. So what if you have an awkward start or less than perfect start, KEEP GOING! Restart, when necessary.

No journey is perfect. So here is some advice …


You aren’t one of those folks with only the intention of checking off resolutions, instead be the person with intentions and action plans.

You pull up the directions when traveling to an unknown place, you research before you buy something and this should be no different.

Do your due diligence and research what you need to do.

You need to make sure when you write your list, that results and benefits of accomplishing the resolutions on that list are STRONG enough motivators!

WHY? Well honestly, you probably won’t stick to them if you don’t. If you don’t DEEPLY believe in the end result or feel that the benefit of reaching your goal will help you in the long run, you should seriously reevaluate your list. Don’t waste your time focusing on goals that don’t make sense. Don’t do what is popular. Do what is right for you. Your goals are just that, YOURS.

“Intentions are anticipations of the future, and people differ in the perceived costs, benefits, and consequences of possible actions.”

Chris McManus

If you are one of those people, who knows that it is vital for you to accomplish your resolution, yet still struggle, keep reading.


Don’t be afraid to outsource if you have no clue where to start or you struggle to adhere.


If you struggle with diet ➡️ Hire a meal prep company.
If you want to get a new job ➡️ Work with a resume writer and a recruiter.
If you want to save for retirement ➡️ Meet with a financial advisor.
If you want to run a marathon ➡️ Hire a running coach.

You get the drift!

🥁 Drumroll 🥁






BLOG POST #11 Cosmopolitan Reported |24| 70s Fashion Trends For Spring 2019 and I Tried |7| of Them

I’ve been reading Cosmopolitan for as long as I have been flying, 17 years!

Read Mia Farrow GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

It has been a source of style inspiration for me just as long. Even though I couldn’t afford the brands when I was thirteen, let alone pronounce them, I still read any issue I could find. As a young girl I didn’t mind one iota if I wasted a few hours and gaining a few paper cuts flipping through the glossy pages to look at the fantastic avant-garde content. I always keep plenty of band-aids handy.

The irony of this post, is that spring fashion is my least favorite fashion season. I never find myself falling deeply in love with any of the Spring looks, so this year I made a promise to challenge myself to dress sharp for Spring. The first step entailed me doing some research.

Since the modern age is here and kicking, I jumped onto Cosmopolitan's website. Which means no more paper cuts. 😁 

I’ve mentioned before that I like looking up images for style inspiration when getting dressed or going shopping, so I looked for articles that discussed the trends and showed trends for Spring 2019. I found this article…..

Here is the thing guys and gals. The website very much like the magazine makes the trends look dramatic and a typical consumer may not be super convinced to try the trends. What I’ve learned over the years is to really take a look at the images and take away the elements that I like. You don’t have to write off an entire trend because you don’t like the way it is styled. So in this blog post I’m going to show you my take on 7 out of the 24 trends listed in this Cosmopolitan article. Ready…Set…Ok! Let’s dive in!

Psst….My photos were taken by 📷 Gerardo Marrufo 📷




BLOG POST #10 I Tried to Swim With Sharks…(Gymsharks) 😂

It took me a long time to come up with this headline. 

Those of you who follow me know that I’m in love clothing! I love dressy clothes, gym clothes and everything else in between. One of my fashion resolutions for 2019 was to cut down my Lululemon spending by finding lower priced gym clothing. On my quest, I stumbled upon a famous Instagrammer / Youtuber talking about the new Gymshark camouflage collection. She was pretty convincing, so I ended up ordering every color.

Sadly, I will not be swimming with sharks again anytime soon. I was not a fan of the collection. Watch my try-on video below.

PSSST. I’m giving away all 3 camouflage Gymshark outfits you saw in the video above. Everything is an extra small. I never wore them outside of this try-on haul.

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