BLOG POST #7 When is the last time you said, “I FELT amazing!” ???

For me it was a just last week. I fell in love again with FELT! I’m not talking about the material, I’m talking about the female owned and operated boutique located in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. FELT has a special place in my heart because it was the first high-end boutique that I felt at ease. (Cute, no? )

This video was shot and edited by Cortland G.
You can reach him via his instagram: @hightech_corto
You can reach him via his email: hightechcorto@gmail.com

Anticipate drinking one glass of champagne, having a few laughs, looking at Catherine aka Cat (co-owner) or Paige (lead-stylist) like they are crazy when they tell you to try on something on that you wouldn’t usually try on and being introduced to fellow shoppers who quickly become your impromptu shopping buddies for a few hours.

Remember the first time you….

…FELT your heart pitter patter after you learned how to master walking in heels.

…FELT heard and listened to by a significant other.

…FELT your heart burst with joy when you got a compliment on your outfit.

…FELT like you could rule the world when you found a pair of jeans that fit you.

These are the feelings that you feel not just the first time, but every time you shop at FELT. If you haven’t experienced these firsts that I’ve listed, then you need to make your way to FELT to experience a metamorphosis. You may not think you are sequin girl, snake print girl but the beauty about all things in life is that when you feel confident and surround yourself with people rooting for you, you in turn starting living your bravest life.

Blazer purchased from FELT:
Veronica Beard
Bodysuit purchased from FELT:
Good American

FELT is not just a place I buy clothes, rather a place that I buy the confidence and spark so I can shine my brightest.

What we wear shouldn’t be a display of how much money we have or career we have. What we wear is an opportunity to show our personality, our energy and our mindset for the day to the world. What we wear, also provides us with an opportunity to spark conversations with others. Most importantly, what we wear should bring joy to you and those who see you. When you wear joy, you provide an encouraging ray of light to others who will hopefully, in turn, go on to live their brightest life.


Shot and edited by ME


Veronica Beard denim dickey that you can add any dickey style blazer.
Good American Bodysuit: 0(xs)-5(2xl)
When you get chance make your way over to FELT to meet Cat and Paige!

👇They are located at 👇

2317 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647